Get involved at your media center

Why You Should Get Involved at a Community Media Center in College

By Darian Leddy

Recently, I have found myself hosting LIVE TV programs, interviewing public officials, and producing video content–all for the first time. I got to have these experiences because I decided to intern at a community media center station, CTV North Suburbs.

When I first started at CTV, I did not really know what a public access station was. I thought that they just covered news like most other media outlets. But I now realize that CTV is so much more than that.

CTV works to promote the events, organizations, and people of Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville, and St. Anthony. It is a media center that really wants to engage its community, and to provide the stories they want to hear.

I am so happy that I got involved in my local community’s media center, and here’s why I think you should too.

Community engagement

If I had not joined a public access center, I would be missing out on a lot in my community. I’m not from the Twin Cities originally, so I was unfamiliar with a lot of local news and politics when I moved here for school.

CTV is very much involved in the community by talking to local government leaders and covering events. I have met so many incredible people and attended so many exciting events because of my internship such as the 5k Sap Run in Little Canada. I feel more at home and informed about my community from spending time at CTV.

Build media skills

I have learned so much about video production since I have started working here at CTV. I get to utilize advanced software and equipment like adobe premiere, video scribe, different cameras, and more to create high quality media and really build my skill set. The staff is always willing to help me out when I have a question on something I’m unfamiliar with, and because of this, I get to learn so much from my fellow employees. You can get involved as a volunteer to get trained on this equipment to get the polished media that you want to create as well!

Learn about news I may have missed

Being a student journalist, it is easy for me to be informed on news that is relevant to campus. I am always talking about happenings on campus in my classes and talking to my other journalism peers about news. But if I wasn’t working at CTV, I would have totally missed out on the news that CTV covers.

“CTV highlights stories that go unnoticed by bigger news outlets.”

CTV wants to hear the stories from our neighbors and our friends and highlight these for the public. I have heard some amazing stories by getting involved here. One of my favorite events I have covered so far was the Cops vs. Kids Basketball Challenge in St. Anthony. It was so great to see the impact this event had on the police force, kids, and their parents.

Form lasting relationships

I have formed many great relationships with my coworkers, volunteers, and many others through my time at CTV. Not only have they provided me with loads of media knowledge, but they have also supported me. The people at CTV really care about the people around them. They want you to learn and get the most out of your experience.

I’ve learned so many valuable things in the short few months I’ve worked here, and I’m so excited to see all the other things I’ll learn.