why i love ctv north suburbs

Why I Love CTV North Suburbs

Ah February, it’s that time of year again, either everyone’s favorite or least favorite month. Here at CTV we were thinking everyone has a reason to celebrate love this year, no excuses, and you want to know why? Glad you asked. Here are 2 reasons why you should love CTV North Suburbs this valentine season.

1. We are here for YOU!

When you need updates on what is going on in your city who has them? When you want to know what your community is up to and hear their cool stories who will tell them? When you need help with social media management or video production who will help you? The answer, CTV! We are always here for what you need.

2. We tell YOUR story.

CTV always has our ear to the door when it comes to our surrounding community. We are always on the lookout for who is doing something special and whose story needs to be told. With our cameras ready and our ears eager to listen we want to know who and what is making the community surrounding the Twin Cities one of the greatest places to live!

CTV is here for you to love in this season but not only that, we will be here all year long, lucky you!
Email us at info@ctvnorthsuburbs.org if you have a story suggestion!