Speak out

What to Expect on the Day of Your Speak Out

So you got our invitation to attend Speak Outs, now what? First–contact us to RSVP if you haven’t done so already! Then, read the answers to some of the frequently asked questions below. 

Where do I go?

CTV North Suburbs is located at 2670 Arthur Street, Roseville, MN 55113

We share our building with several other businesses. Our parking spots are marked with yellow signs that have our logo.  

What do I say?

This is your chance to educate constituents about your platform, so talk about whatever is most important to you. You do not have to use the full five minutes, but you cannot go over time!

Some things to keep in mind as you prepare your remarks:

  • You cannot read off of notes
  • You CAN send us a script by Monday, September 9th if you would like to read off a teleprompter 
  • You can practice reading from the teleprompter beforehand if you need to (just let us know)
  • You will be able to see a timer as you record to monitor your time
  • Your name and the office you are running for will appear in a graphic on screen as you speak

What do I wear?

Avoid wearing all black (you will disappear into the background) or all white (you will be washed out), and avoid small prints. 

Don’t wear any extreme makeup–our lights are here to make you look good! 

Where will this be seen?

Your Speak Out will appear in a video with the rest of the candidates running in you race, Mayoral and Council races will be grouped together. The Speak Out videos are posted according to City on our website, and uploaded to our Facebook page. They will also be played back on channel 15/859 in all of our cities.  

What does the $100 add on get me?

CTV will edit your Speak Out into an individual video with dynamic graphics. We will give you a link, and you can share it to social media, post it on you website, or anywhere else you see fit!