About NSAC

The North Suburban Access Corporation (NSAC), commonly known as community television, is a non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors representing each of the nine member cities. The corporation promotes programming by and for the community; manages the access channels and the access facilities; and encourages public use of the cable communications.

NSAC Purpose:

  • To provide access to cable communications to all member city residents
  • To promote and protect out communities' rights to use community television and other telecommunication media by stewarding current resources, integrating new technologies and building the awareness and skills of our residents

NSAC Goals:

  • To deliver high quality, timely programs via cable communications
  • To anticipate, plan for and adapt to changes in communications technology
  • To increase awareness and encourage the use of cable communications as a means of sharing information in and among the member cities
  • To promote awareness of and use by individuals and institutions, such as schools, government and civic groups
  • To train and educate producers, users and others who request help
More information is available within the following PDF documents. Click to download.
NSAC By-laws from 1999 (PDF)