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How to Prepare for Show Us Your Nonprofit

By Darian Leddy

So you signed for your time slot on Show Us Your Nonprofit, now what? 

Be excited! This is an opportunity to educate the community about the work your organization does. Never done anything on live TV before? That’s okay. Below, we’ve got some tips for how to prepare for the experience. 

Send us three questions to talk about 

Brainstorm a bit about what you’d like to say on-screen. You can talk about your mission, past and upcoming events, or anything else you think the public would like to know. Once you come up with your talking points, send us three questions you’d like the host to ask you on air. Need some help? Check out last years show. 

Don’t over-prepare  

Try not to prepare too much before your screen time. Sometimes the conversation can come off scripted if you try to plan out all that you want to say before the shoot. You’re the expert on your organization, so just tell us what you’re passionate about! 

Send us a couple photos 

The audience loves to hear and see all that your nonprofit does! Send in 3-5 photos of your organization in action to display on the screen during your interview. 

Spread the word

Let your friends, family, coworkers & professional networks know you will be on our show. They can watch live on our Facebook page, website, or Comcast channel 15/859 if they live in our 9 cities. 

If you want to keep sharing after the show, you can buy a $50 video package from us which will include your individual section of the show with dynamic graphics.  

Decide what to wear 

Avoid wearing all black (you will disappear into the background) or all white (you will be washed out), and avoid small prints. Don’t wear any heavy makeup- our lights are here to make you look good!


Remember this is an exciting event! Don’t let the cameras and lights intimidate you. Try to relax and have fun to be able to communicate all the great things your nonprofit is doing for the community.


Can’t wait to see you there at Show Us Your Nonprofit Thursday, Nov. 21 from 7-9.