Honoring George Floyd, A Note From the Executive Director

I have struggled with words and emotions on how to process the death of Mr. George Floyd, what his family and loved ones are going through, and what our communities are experiencing right now. Leading a communications organization that represents nine different communities, I do not want to turn a blind eye to the conversation around race. I want to ensure the safety of our team, while still providing communication services our community desperately need.

What is CTV doing around the conversation of racism and the recent events in our communities? First, until further notice, all legislatures, and community leaders as guests on Cities Speak will be community leaders of color. Discussions around community efforts, race, and future legislation are all potential topics.

Next, our weekly Chamber Check In will invite business owners that have lost businesses in the recent destruction.

We will also be covering memorials, events, and food drives in our nine cities that show the community coming together. Visuals of this is so important right now. We have also reached out to the city administrators urging them to consider a televised address from the mayors.

As a media center, I believe it is our responsibility to use our platform to lift up the voices of our community. If you have ideas for stories you’d like to see covered, please reach out to our team via email, or Facebook. We are here for you.