About CTV North Suburbs

Documents of Interest

These documents and forms are a helpful resource for information related to equipment and policies at CTV North Suburbs.

CTV Production Form
For use with our city and school partners along with internal CTV productions.

Channel 19 Usage Agreement 
CTV 9-city residents and local organizations use this Request Form to submit programming on Community Channel 19.

Program Release
Authorization for CTV to make copies for a third party.

MPEG Guidelines
Use this as a guide for programs that are submitted as a single layer MPEG-2 file burned onto a single layer DVD.

Ross XPression User Guide
Use this as a guide for the Ross XPression program utilized in CTV North Suburbs studio and production trucks.

AG-HMC150 Camera User Guide
Use this as a guide for the AG-HMC150 camera.

Inexpensive Software and Equipment List
This is a compilation of open source software and inexpensive equipment that consumers can use to continue to create great programming.

Access Facilities
This is a list of local access centers in the area that continue to have public access.

Access Channel Policy
This document explains the NSCC channel line up and our policies related to sponsorships.

Form Letter to FCC about FNPRM 

This form letter should be addressed to the FCC Chairman and express disapproval of the recent Proposed Rule Making that will drastically reduce franchise fee funding to local communities.

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