7 Ways Media Centers Can Assist Schools with Distance Learning

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate as a society, including the way schools operate. Schools should use whatever means available to them to creatively keep children engage through remote and social distance learning. Community media centers can fill some technological gaps and offer some unique learning opportunities for our young learners. Let’s walk through how community media centers can help schools in the Fall.


1. Orientation Videos for Children on the Spectrum

Things will look different at school this year. Kids what to know what to expect. Children who are on the Autism spectrum especially need routine. A video with a key audience of kids on the spectrum to show them what to expect on the first day at school will help with the adjustment.


2. Video Updates to Parents


Teachers and parents need ample amount of communication. However, teachers will be overwhelmed with lesson plans. Invite the community media center to create monthly highlight reels of what the kids have been working on in class. The additional context to parents will be welcomed, without adding another “to-do” on the teachers’ list.


3. Video Broadcast Events


Sporting events and group performances will be drastically reduced in size. Invite your community media center in to webcast the event. This will increase your audience size and encourage online engagement. Invite CTV to record your school events. All school events are saved on our Forever Download page so family members can download the event and keep it forever.


4. Video Update from the Principal


Transition is difficult. Communication from leadership is necessary. Have a quick video of the Principal talking through updates within the school. Share this content in your e-newsletter and on social media. Videos receive 12 times more engagement than a static image.


5. Video Updates in Hmong, Spanish, and Somali


Consider translating update videos into other popular languages in your school district. CTV North Suburbs provides updates from the Governor addresses in Hmong, Spanish, and Somali. We have the resources to translate videos into multiple languages for your school community.


6. Zoom Classroom Assistance


Community media centers are fully of technical gurus that can assist with your needs around Zoom. Ask them if they can help facilitate CTV North Suburbs offers a Zoom Webinar coordination service for municipalities, schools and nonprofits. Leave the technology to us, so you can focus on the kids.


7. Curriculum Videos

Teachers are pre-producing instructional videos to add another layer of instruction to the students. Engage with your community media center to produce some of these curriculum videos so the teachers can focus on their curriculum and students.


The key is collaboration. Have a conversation with your local community media center to discuss how they can help your school. If you are interested in learning more about CTV North Suburbs services, email us at info@ctvnorthsuburbs.org.