7 Things to Look fo rain a Social Media Manager

7 Things to Look for in a Social Media Manager

A social media presence is a necessity for businesses. For a lot of businesses, there is a lack of strategy behind their social media posting. “Hey, take a picture, put that up! Looks good!”

The truth is, to be successful at social media strategy, there needs to be an actual strategy, a plan, and someone who can design or communicate that plan to you.

Are you ready to engage with a social media manager? Here are some key things they should be bringing to the table to successfully guide your business’s’ social media campaigns.


1. Communications Strategy

A Social Media Manager needs to have a strong understanding of your core competencies and services, as well as your intended goals. They can map out how your social media strategy will support those goals and bolster your services.

2. Metrics

Clearly defined goals and timelines can help convert leads and expand your social media fan base. SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely, are helpful for defining your social media metrics. When engaging with your Social Media Manager, ask for specific goals to measure success to be defined. Social media comes with a battery of analytic tools.

3. Graphic Design Skill

Many Social Media Managers utilize graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva to create eye-catching content that represents your business. Skill in graphic design is a necessity to engage the customer. If posts are not composed properly, it can reduce engagement or follows.

4. Customer Service Orientated

Social media is now the go-to option for upset customers. A customer-first attitude is important to mitigate any situations quickly, and moving any problems offline. Your brand is represented in every comment and post on social media. A poorly thought out reply to an upset customer can devalue your brand. Ensure that doesn’t happen with a customer service orientated person in place.

5. Writing Skills

The majority of social media interaction is written. Whereas there are plenty of photos and video to strengthen the message, it is important for your Social Media Manager to be able to articulate your brand message accurately.

6. SEO and Marketing Knowledge

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing knowledge are necessary to drive visitors to your website from your social media accounts. They may not be an SEO expert, but they should have an overall understanding of how social media content fits with blog posts, and how both of them support your business’s marketing funnel.

7. Paid Advertising

Your Social Media Manager should have experience with developing audiences, designing ad campaigns, and executing the ads. Paid for advertising needs to be specifically targeted to the correct audience based on behaviors. Ask them about their experience with designing ad campaigns to your particular audience.

Social Media Coordination is an aspect of your business that will enhance your communications to your customers and clients. If you have more questions about Social Media Coordination, check out our service page to see what CTV can offer you.

What other aspects do you find important in a Social Media Manager?

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