7 Surprising Ways CTV Has Helped the Community

It took a pandemic to see the value of community media. In the past, I have routinely fielded the question, “Who even watches your stuff?” Over the past two weeks however, it has become obvious that A LOT of people watch our “stuff.” In the past week, our social media following has increased by 11%. In one week! One of our recent city meetings had over 300 viewers within an hour. Beyond just the “watching” of local content, we are bringing our community together.

 Here are 7 surprising ways CTV has helped the community during this pandemic. 

1. Education of Open Meeting Law

The current Minnesota Open Meeting Law is built to maintain open and transparent government. There are many barriers related to virtual, or telephone meetings to maintain transparency. The meeting law was not built for a pandemic, it was built to keep citizens informed and engaged in their government. We have worked with the League of Minnesota Cities, and lawyers to fully understand the law and execute virtual meetings while continuing to engage the public. 

2. Showcasing Local Businesses

At a time where businesses are literally shutting their doors, we have stepped up to record their origin stories and educate the public on the awesome things these businesses do for the community.

3. Executing Virtual Public Meetings

Pat Cook–a longtime CTV employee who deserves a shout out–has worked tirelessly with our cities to bring their City Council Meetings onto a digital platform like Zoom. Our mission is to bring information to the community, that is why these meetings are so important. 

4. Relay Reliable Resources

We have started a partnership with Ramsey County to deliver the weekly COVID -19 Update through our social media. This is a great way to conserve resources, while delivering timely information from a reliable source to the community. Remember to check your sources of information

5. Watch Parties of Sports Games

We have been getting so many requests for classic sports games through our Forever Downloads option on our website. Parents are hosting watch parties of the children’s old sports games with their friends. What a great way to connect!

6. Media Copies for Educational Instruction

Our educators are getting creative with delivering curriculum away from the traditional school setting. We are truly appreciative for our teachers and the work they are doing. We have helped copy and find resources for teachers to get content to their students. 

7. Keynote Speaker Presentations

We are in the process of recording keynote speakers in a virtual setting now. Events like Tuesday’s Scholar, and Chamber of Commerce events are going to be delivered digitally.


This is a different time, but we must find creative ways to help our communities. Continue to social distance and reach out to us if you have suggestions on ways to connect the community. 


Our Governor announced media to be essential staff. We have been working with our city leaders to execute LIVE virtual meetings.