6 Ways to Stay Informed on your Local Candidates

Fall is upon us, and so is campaign season. Public office hopefuls are hitting the “campaign trail” to speak about their platform.


Oh wait, that was pre-COVID… How are these candidates telling voters about their platforms?

Local newspapers! …oh wait, a lot of those aren’t around anymore.


The COVID-era political candidates need to get creative in connecting with constituents. Here are a couple of ways you can stay informed on your local candidates.


1. Speak Outs

CTV North Suburbs hosts campaigning candidates in our studio to video record a pre-written statement to the public about their campaign platform and hopes for the community. This 2-minute monologue provides a strong overview of the candidates’ views, and priorities. Check out the candidates running in your district here.


2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are digital community gathering spaces. Neighborhood groups like Neighborly New Brighton, or St. Anthony Villagers, is a great way to stay informed about issues in the neighborhood, and hot button topics. Savvy politicians have been campaigning in this space by posting on other posts, and highlighting their successes in the community.


3. Twitter

Twitter is a fast moving space for all political content, but especially on the local level. State Representatives and Senators use this space to tweet out views on community initiatives, upcoming bills, and to sling a little mud. Follow your current representatives starting from the state level, moving down. Then follow political hopefuls to gain a deeper understanding of their priorities. DM’s (Direct Messages) are a great tool to interact with your representatives.


4. E-Newsletters

Maybe we don’t want more newsletters cluttering up our in-box, but the newsletters from your local representatives and surrounding political candidates can provide some insider knowledge of what is going on in your community. CTV’s e-newsletter has links to 10 area newsletters within it. Subscribe here. Start with the Ramsey County e-newsletters, and subscribe to your representatives to get an onslaught of weekly information.


5. Letters to the Editor

I quipped that our local papers aren’t around. There are a still a couple holding on, such as the Shoreview Press. The Pioneer Press sometimes takes on letters to the editor from citizens on timely issues. Subscribe to their content to stay informed.


6. Municipal Meetings

Many of these political candidates are already involved in city meetings. Review the agendas, and minutes of the applicable city meetings to see how your candidate stands on controversial issues. All of our area municipal meetings are conveniently located here. There’s thousands of hours to get through, so get going!


It is important to be educated about local politics. Take the time to dive into the information your representatives provide. Talk to your neighbors, and do your own research. And binge watch municipal meetings at CTV North Suburbs.