5 ways enhance campaign

5 Ways Video Can Enhance Your Campaign

Video is a powerful storyteller and influencer. When used in the right way, you can teach a voter about your platform, while your sparkling personality shines through the screen. Below, read the five reasons why a video can enhance your campaign. 

1. Video Showcases Your Personality

Checking off a face-less name on the card to vote is impersonal at best. As a politician, you as a person can be stripped of your hobbies, passions, and personality, only to be replaced with your platform and voting record. Give the voters an opportunity to know who you really are. Showcase yourself gardening while talking about your stance on climate change. Connect the voter to who you are as a person will help secure that vote. 

2. Distribution on Social Media is Cheap and Effective

Political ads used to be deployed on cable television, but now with social media, anyone with a Facebook account can develop and execute an ad campaign. Facebook makes boosting posts and targeted ads easy to use and inexpensive.

Say you are a liberal, and you want to inform other liberals about your stance on making housing in the twin cities area more affordable. You can target an audience based on their geographic location (your district), their political affiliation, and interests related to housing. That’s like hand delivering a pamphlet to each person!

3. You Control the Narrative

In an age where we are constantly worried about agendas and political biases, you can control the content that the voter sees about you. Be candid and frank with them regarding the platforms. Answer some hard-hitting questions and earn their trust.

4. People Watch Video!

Over two-thirds of Americans get their news through social media. 73% of Americans prefer watching video online. Use this opportunity to create valuable, educational content for the community.

5. Time is Valuable

Campaigning is hard work. Candidates knock on doors up to ten hours a day. They attend events, meet people, and listen to voters’ issues. What if you had a video that was working as hard as you do? Your time is valuable, use every resource you have.

CTV North Suburbs holds Candidate Speak Outs once a year and encourages candidates to take advantage of this free opportunity to educate viewers. Viewers trust CTV North Suburbs to be unbiased in the production of these videos. Plus, this service is free!

We are currently taking RSVPs for the Speak Out event. Contact us to secure your spot to create a high quality video that will speak to your constituents.