5 things every restaurant should be doing on social media

5 Things Every Restaurant Should be Doing on Social Media

More than 200 million posts are tagged #food and 23 million #drinks. Clearly, people love the good old instant-worthy picture of a broken egg yolk or part (latte-art, your welcome).

If you’re a restaurant reading this and you are currently not using social media, let’s chat.

Inactivity on social media means you are missing out on a BIG customer base. According to a report done by Sprout Social 75% of people purchase products because they have scrolled past them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Of that percentage, 60.7% need to see a post 2-4 times from a restaurant before making a purchase or visiting their location. Here are 5 things you should be doing!

1) Don’t Make Your Customers Search Far

This may seem relatively simple but it is so important. Make information readily available and easy to find. Make sure you have your hours and contact information easily accessible on your profile. On Facebook, you can even enter the popular times of the day to visit. Be direct and keep in simple, the fewer clicks they take to find information the better!

2) Encourage and Respond to Online Reviews

This kind of interaction with your customers shows you care about their feedback. It gives your establishment a more personal and intimate relationship with your guests. It also gives you a chance to redeem a bad experience a customer might have had.

 3) Partner with Your Customers

Your customers provide word of mouth advertising. When people are posting about you and sharing pictures reshare and repost! They become your brand ambassadors, and it is essentially free marketing

4)  Focus on Your Location

Use Facebook’s location-based advertising tools. Ads will pop up when people are in a certain radius of your establishment. According to a report done by NinthDecimal’s Mobile Audience Insights Report, store visits increased 80% within the 1st day a mobile ad was served compared to average store visits.

5)  Use Video to Bring Your Brand to Life

Tell your restaurant’s story through visual storytelling. Food video content has grown by 59% in the last year and social engagement on food videos rose 118%. Now more than ever people want to food-related content through video. Video brings customers into your space and makes them feel as if they are there with you, if only they could smell the food through the camera…guess they’ll have to visit to do that!

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