5 Takeaways from the CTV Annual Report

It seems a good a time as any to look back on some positives from 2019. Our annual report is not like other annual reports. We swear! It’s short–just 7 pages, including the title. And it’s visual. You can see it here.

Below, read  five major takeaways from the report.


1. CTV has overcome huge funding challenges

“We have increased our earned revenue by over 70% since 2018, but we

must not be complacent with the initial revenue growth. Continuing to grow this

will be key to ensuring our partner cities continue to receive strong value.” 

-Dana Healy, CTV Executive Director


2. We produced A LOT of content

We covered 233 events in 2019, and  reached 358,397 people on Facebook. 


3. We founds some great stories

From the student led climate protests to new playgrounds and splash pads, to the State Fair–we were there. Just look at the highlights on page 4. 


4. We are continuing to build strong partnerships with local business

We had 25 businesses sponsor our programming in 2019, and gave out our first Sponsor of the Year Award.   


5. Our internship program continues to grow

We had 10 interns in 2019, all of whom increased experience in shooting, editing, studio and/or truck shoots.