4 tips for instaworthy food photos

4 Tips for Insta-Worthy Food Photos

1. Shoot overhead

This is especially true when you have strong shapes, such as circles or triangles. It is especially good with open-faced food where it can display all its ingredients. When shooting overhead, make sure it is on a surface that is pleasing to the eye. Here, the wood gives the image a nice rustic feel. The surface can say a lot about the kind of restaurant it is made in.



2. Get Closer!

Get close up to your food! This is especially true when you have multiple textures or want to show seasoning on the food. This is also a great time to use portrait mode on your phone, which can give it a pleasing shallow focus, allowing you to see a single point of the food.



3. Focus on One Point

This is especially good to separate the main component of the dish from its other components. Here, the shallow focus allows the olive to stand out from the more colorful toppings around it. The reds and greens draw the eye, but the shallow focus on the olive allows it to stand out.



4. Emphasize color

Colors pop! Vibrant colors draw the eye and attract us much quicker than more subdued images. If you have a color plate, really put those colors front and center. You can increase the color of your images by turning up vibrancy or saturation on your images after you take them but beware: overdoing the colors can make the food look unnatural and less appetizing as a result.


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