4 Tactics Community Media Can Use in Times of Uncertainty 

One thing is for certain, the world will not go back to operating as it once did. We are executing our daily duties from our kitchen tables, and substituting staff meetings with Zoom calls. It feels so temporary, yet permanent. 

As nonprofit leaders, we need to lead our organizations through change, align our value propositions, and lean into our mission more than ever. Here are some tactics CTV is using that will hopefully grow us as people and an organization. 

1. Stick to the Mission

Look to your mission as the guiding star. In times of crisis, it is common for organizations to experience mission drift due to fear. As a leader, you must reiterate your mission to the team, why it is important, and why your team is valuable.

PRO TIP: Send a weekly email focusing the team on what is important for the week. My weekly team email has 4 items that we need to focus on, in order of importance.

2. Communicate with Stakeholders

Our organization represents nine cities. Each week I email or call them to check in on their needs related to communications. Every time I speak to an administrator I can find a way to help them or their city. 

PRO TIP: Set up a weekly zoom meeting with your stakeholders to communicate changes and updates with the organization. 

3. Identify Engaging Content

Not all content is created equal. If the content you are putting out is not resonating with people, it’s not them, it’s you. Evaluate the content you’ve put out that has gotten the most views and engagements. Why did that happen? Rinse and repeat! Also remember to be consistent! 

PRO TIP: Connect with social media influencers to have them share and push your content. 

4. Evaluate your Value Position

We are in a world-wide health crisis. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, community media needs to reinvent itself to fill the current needs of the community you serve. Now is a great time to communicate with stakeholders and find out what your organization can do to support them.

PRO TIP: Double down on what you are good at, and punt what you’re weak at. 


What tactics are you taking with your media center? What is working?