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October 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Joan Wilshire
Recorded: 9/19/2018

On this program:
Mark Hughes interviews Author Susan Bartlett Foote

Mark and Susan discuss her book, The Crusade for Forgotten Souls - Reforming Minnesota's Mental Institutions 1946-1954

Joan Wilshire interviews Tracey Gibson, Statewide Director, Recruitment, Retention & Affirmative Action, MN Management and Budget and Kjensmo Walker, Connect 700 Program Participant
They discuss the Connect 700 Program that provides another path to a state job for people with certain disabilities. Learn more at https://mn.gov/mmb/careers/diverse-workforce/people-with-disabilities/connect700/.

September 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nikki Villavicencio
Recorded: 8/8/2018

On this program:
Mark Hughes interviews Alicia Munson, Arc Minnesota

Mark and Alicia discuss the process for registering to vote, which state offices are being voted on, voting absentee and shared information about accessible polling places.

Nikki Villavicencio interviews Tyler Frank, Organizer, SEIU Health Care MN
Nikki and Tyler discuss the challenges facing people with disabilities due to the shortage of direct care workers and the new web site at DHS connecting people with disabilities with support and direct care staff.

August 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Imani Cruzen
Recorded: 7/11/2018

On this program:
Mark Hughes – Direct Care workforce Crisis

Guests: Sara Grafstrom, Director of Member Advocacy, ARRM; Lynn Noren, President/CEO of RISE; Jenn Reiter, board member MN Families and Advocates Coalition

Mark and his guests discuss the impact of recent legislation on the direct care workforce crisis.

Imani Cruzen - Technology to improve independence of people with disabilities
Guest: Barb Turner, Senior Director of External Affairs ARRM
Barb shares information about how technology can improve independence for peple with disabilities.